Top Three Places where You Can Promote Your Black Friday Deal in the Last-Minute

Promote Your Black Friday Deal

If you are a merchant on black Friday, then you must know the importance of marketing. The way that you market your deals can make or break the success that your business might have on black Friday. Things like e-mails, radio ads as well as posters on your store are a great way for you to reach a lot of customers, but if you could reach an ever larger amount of people then it is by going online and using different types of platforms as your marketing tools and in this article we will introduce you to three of them.

Deal websites

As black Friday is all about saving money, most people will go to a deal website at some point of their research process and look for deals there. That makes it a great idea for you to create a presence on those websites, especially at this time of year. Site like RetailMeNot are very popular online destinations, and this in particular offers customers coupon codes as well as black Friday sales and deals, and the great thing about this one is that it doesn’t only partner with large retailers, it also works with small ones.

Facebook groups

Since it is pretty much the biggest social network out there, it is no surprise that it has done a great job when it comes to organizing itself into different groups that are based around people’s specific interests. The most important thing is that you find the right group, one that focuses on looking for sales or black Friday deals and simply post your deals there. This way you use minimal effort and engage hundreds of people at the same time.


This is a great community for pretty much any interest that a person may have, and that is also true for people that are looking for the best deals available, especially during black Friday. However, if there is one advice that we could give you about this community is that they don’t always appreciate marketing attempts and it is important for you trade carefully and really research which niche is the one that you should really focus on.

A new way of marketing that doesn’t cost you anything is always a good thing, since most of the time any type of exposure can be good for your business. By doing this you can expose your black Friday deals on multiple platforms and reach out to thousands of people at once.