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The following recordings reflect the indigenization of Catholic hymns introduced to Salish-speaking peoples of the Columbia Plateau in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Within the notated hymns (taken from the book) markings in red illustrate elements of Native song style, woven into the melodic fabric of the hymns as they were reinterpreted and re-sung as expressions of Native identity and spiritual power. In addition to notated hymns, below you will find recordings of hymns not discussed in the book.

?a Spu?ús (Hymn to the Sacred Heart)
pp. 48-52; Sung by Johnny Arlee
K’^(w)l?ncutn q^(w)o nq^(w)n ’mi?t ?u?in tmtmney’ (God, Pity My Dead One)
pp. 53-55; Sung by Johnny Arlee
Qeqs Csnim
pp. 57-59; Sung by Ignace Garry and others
X?alips C(’awm (Daylight's Prayer)
pp. 116-117; Sung by Joe Woodcock
Sl?ax?t (Friend)
pp. 118-123; Sung by Joe Woodcock
Qeqs npiyelsi (We Are Going to Be Happy)
pp. 127-129; Sung by Johnny Arlee
Yesu kʷʔin K’ʷlʼncutn, kʷʔin esyaʔ (Sweet Sacrament We Thee Adore)
Sung by Joe Woodcock and others
Kʷmiʔ ec’x̣ey (May It Be So)
Sung by Joe Woodcock and others
Yesu qʷo ʔac’x̣nt (Jesus Look At Me)
Sung by Joe Woodcock and others
Qeqs nkʷneyi Sent Susep (Sing With Us, St. Joseph)
Sung by Joe Woodcock
Č’nes t’uxʷti (If I Could Fly, I Would Rise Up To Heaven)
Sung by Mitch and Mary Michael
X̣est Spuʔús ʔin K’ʷlʼncutn (Sacred Heart of My God)
Sung by Catherine Pascal Finely
Yo Yesu qe ?ilmix^(w)m (Jesus My Lord)
Sung by Mitch and Mary Michael