What Are The Most Anticipated Deals You Can Expect on This Year’s Black Friday?

Deals You Can Expect on This Year’s

If you have the feeling that you keep seeing the same back Friday deals each year, then we can assure you that you are not losing your mind, that really is the case. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing and there it’s not something that you should be upset over. A great thing about this is that you know which items and categories will be marked down and by how much, since they are pretty much in the same range every year and this means that once you have your list of items that you need to purchase, you will know exactly where to go to look for them and you will be able to come up with a realistic budget for yourself at the same time. To help you out, we’ve put together some of the deals that were available last black Friday with the hope they make your day less stressful.


If there is one thing that you can rely on Target for is that they are the most reliable merchant when it comes to having black Friday ads with repeated deals from year to year. The way that Target puts together their ads makes it really easy for you to spot all of their black Friday deals, and you can always be sure that there will be a great discount on T-Fal or Farberware cookware sets for $49.99. You can also place a pretty safe bet on finding Rachael Ray cookware as well as Puyrex sets that have been $18 on black Friday for the last few years.


This is another merchant that keeps things pretty much the same every black Friday, everything from the layout of their ad to the deals that they offer. The one thing that does change is the styles of the man’s sweaters that they offer which get tweaked a tiny bit every year, but other than that all stays the same. You should also know, that this practice is the same for most retailers, at least when it comes to sweaters which means you can always count on some great deals.


Again, the ad is pretty much the same every year and the same goes for all of the black Friday deals. Kohl’s is pretty consistent of giving $15 Kolh’s Cash for every $50 that you spend at their store, and this is definitely something that most customers look forwards to because it is a step up from the $10 per $50 that they get every other day of the year. If you are interested in buying dishes, Fiesta dishes are a great option and you will probably be able to get a set for $23.99 since this is the same price they have been offered for, at least for the last four years.

Like we said, the fact that the ads and the deals that these merchants have been offering for the past few years on black Friday are the same, doesn’t mean that they aren’t still very good deals. You should instead take advantage of this and make this the most organized black Friday shopping trip yet.